• SCAŞ'ın over 25 years experience in manufacturing and R & D market with its products, has been serving the industrial sector hydroelectric power and industrial automation fields.
  • SCAŞ activities by adding a new field of energy, electricity generation project implemented flashing.The chicken.
  • Cement, for energy and automation sectors, with 25 years experience in manufacturing; Professional, economic and perfectionist approaches, service quality, project safety, the rule of Automation,
  • SSC INDUSTRY CO. The quality of the sector to meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 quality management system has registered one more time.
  • WHR, an acronym which stands for Waste Heat Recovery and Turkish "Waste Heat Recovery" can be translated as. In particular the cement industry, such as iron, steel and glass industries, in the case of heating processing, usually only a certain part of the heat generated, can be used for the realization of the process.

Project and Product Consulting

SCAŞ only, not to set up industrial plants, facilities being established at home and abroad also provides consulting services for the session.


Technical Service and Warranty

All plants and products that we manufacture, technical service, spare parts and warranty services we offer 7 days and 24 hours.


Spare Parts

SC Inc. use as spare parts and consumables we have produced are available on all systems.